Proven Pest Solutions, Inc. specializes in residential pest control service. We offer three different tiers of our 360 Pest Program service to accommodate all budgets, in addition to our customizable service programs. Our packages offer protection for your home against pests, mosquitoes, and termites. Learn more about the packages we offer below.

Our packages

In addition to the services below, we also offer animal trapping, rodent control, and other wildlife control services. Call Proven Pest Solutions, Inc. at 678-517-6215 for large homes, commercial properties, or specific pest control situations.

360 Pest Program


$65 / Quarterly
  • Complete interior and exterior protection
  • Covers 20+ pests
  • Guaranteed Protection


$95 / Quarterly
  • Complete interior and exterior protection
  • Covers 30+ pests
  • Guaranteed Protection
  • Up to 3 Mosquito Treatments

These 360 Pest Program packages include complete protection for the exterior of your home including Zones 1, 2, and 3. Your home will be protected from over 30 different types of insects. The Essentials Package includes a mosquito reduction program which involves locating mosquito breeding areas on your property. In addition, we apply a misting agent to shrubs, low branches, leafy ground cover, decking, fence lines, and other low lying areas to kill mosquitoes where they live. The Complete Package further protects your home against termites using the Hex-Pro Termite Colony Elimination System. 

Zone 1

Consists of the structure itself: vertical wall surfaces, soffits, and access points such as windows, doors, pipes, etc. Zone 1 treatment consists of sweeping the accessible soffits and eaves for spider webs, and the application of a liquid pest deterrent.

Zone 2

Consists of the immediately surrounding perimeter of the house: mulched beds, porches, decks, and grass; as well as common pest harborage areas such as A/C units, trash cans, wood piles, shrub and plant material, patio stones, etc. A granular insecticide is applied out to 5 feet in Zone 2.

Zone 3

Consists of outlying pest harborage sites: sites roughly 20-30 feet from the home or structure such as pool pump houses, plant beds, wood piles, trees, fences, etc. Granular bait is applied in Zone 3. 

Prices cover average residential homes up to 3,500 sq ft. In addition to the services above, we also offer animal trapping, rodent control, and gopher/mole control services. Call Proven Pest Solutions at 678-552-3304 for large homes, commercial properties, or specific pest control situations. 

Hex-Pro Termite Colony Elimination System:

This system is a superior termite prevention system, that we at Proven Pest Solutions use to protect our clients largest investment. If you are looking for the highest level of protection for your home, this is the package we recommend. The Hex-Pro system is designed to form a protective barrier around your home. Proven Pest Solutions, Inc will install a protective barrier of bait stations. These bait stations attract the termites who feed from the base components. During our routine inspections if evidence is found we bait to control the concerns. Once the termites eat the bait, they can no longer molt. Once they can no longer molt, the termites die along with the queen and the rest of the colony.